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Our e-commerce journey started in 2016 when our founder, Kieran, at 16 years of age began teaching himself the ins and outs of utilising ecommerce giant, Amazon’s platform to design, launch and sell his products. After seeing the success resulting from brand building on Amazon, he then diversified the businesses sales channels and utilised social media platforms and website building to grow the brand to even higher heights. Stemming from this, Kieran built up a network of people that specialise in all different areas of the ecommerce world. We began setting up ecommerce businesses in multiple different industries enabling us to gain expert knowledge in the most powerful form of paid promotion, Facebook and Instagram advertising as well as working with influencers, setting up converting email & SMS marketing campaigns and building professional websites for our brands elevating our businesses’ social media platforms and building numerous loyal customer bases. Now, in 2021, businesses are turning to ecommerce more than ever. Many of which businesses do not know where to go in this rapid growing industry. Here at Network Crux™, we do not have the perfect client. No matter what your business is or how big it is, WE CAN HELP! Get in touch today and lets grow together.

The End Goal Was Always To Set Up An Agency And Use The Ecommerce Knowledge & Experience I Have Gained To Help Other Businesses Grow In The Online Space​

Kieran Brady - Founder of Network Crux

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