Strategic analysis of data to create better results

Some of The Analysis We Carry Out

Analysis of advertising campaigns

When running an advertising campaign on either Facebook or Instagram, we use a tool called the Facebook Pixel to track the actions of each website visitor when browsing your online store. This enables us to adjust the campaigns to make sure we are hitting the correct people that are most likely to interact and make a purchase on your website.

Analysis of email campaigns

As a partner of Klaviyo, we have the ability to send mass email campaigns to your stores customers. We can track how many people have opened and read the email and how many people have actually taken the next step and interacted with the email. With this information, we will be able to note what type of campaigns work best with your audience and adjust our objectives to meet the customers wants.

Analysis of social media platforms

When taking on a client for social media management we carry out a full analysis of their pages. After doing so, we will then come up with a suited strategy for that business to help them grow their following and gain a higher interaction rate. This will include, what content to post, what captions to use, what hashtags to use, should we run a giveaway to gain traction?, etc. 

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