the stages of our website development process

Website Design


Website planning is the first phase we go through in the website design process. In this stage we discuss the clients expectations for the website with the intention of getting as creative as possible and gathering as much information as we can before deciding on a layout and scope for the project.

UX/UI Design

In this stage, we begin designing the layout and look of the website. We encourage the client to sketch out any design ideas they may have with pen and paper. We then take our designs from paper to a graphical version online so that we can get a rough idea of what the website will look like. We then create a mock-up site and get the approval of our client before beginning the development stage.

Website Development

We develop our websites using both Shopify and WordPress. In this stage, we pick the most suitable platform and begin by setting up the framework of the clients site. We then begin to implement content into the backend of the website and develop the functionality of the website. Bit by bit we ensure the website is interactive where needed and continue to develop the website until the client is satisfied.


Once the development stage is completed we then test the functionality of the website on all major browsers and devices. This phase helps us identify any issues the website may have that we previously were not aware of. Any issues are then touched up and we begin getting ready for the website launch.

Website Launch

Once we are 100% sure the website is in full working order, we then sign off and transfer ownership of the website to the client. The website is passed from our development servers to a live server where traffic can be driven to. At this stage we carry out a few more tests and all going well, the website is opened to the public.

Post Launch

Once the website is successfully launched, we provide training to our client and their staff on how they can keep on top of the website and carry out any small updates or changes that they may want to do through an easy to use system that enables them to change their website content. We also show employees how to take incoming orders, mark orders as "ready for collection", etc, if required.

As a thank you for choosing us, we offer 30 days support free of charge beginning on the day of the site launch.

Website Support

Here at Network Crux, we can provide constant 24/7 support and maintenance on your website. Get in touch with us to arrange a fixed payment for constant maintenance or receive a quote for a once off update. Ensuring your website is fully functional as well as safe and secure for both your business and your customers is extremely important.

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We design professional websites

Get in touch today to make a start on the future of your business. We put pride and passion into every project we take on.

We design professional websites

Get in touch today to make a start on the future of your business. We put pride and passion into every project we take on.